List Of 10 People From Secret Millionaires Club

The Secret Millionaire is one of the most famous reality television shows, which was originated in the United Kingdom. Its emphasis is on the millionaires who hide their identity and go undercover into poor society and deprived regions of their country without any kinds of modern conveniences. And after the final day, they reveal their true identity and donate huge amounts, charities for their welfare. RDF Media makes a documentary film about their success and ‘Channel 4’ air it. It was first started in the year 2006 and then with a humongous positive reaction from the audience the show makers came up with the further series of Secret Millionaire.

We have enlisted 10 famous people from the secret millionaires club in the world and rank them according to the money that they have donated.

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#1. Paul Ragan

Paul Ragan tops the secret millionaire club and he is the chairman of Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club and UK private equity investor. He enjoys contributing charities as well as getting involved in raising funds for myriad Nobel causes. He was featured on secret millionaire TV Show in the year 2011. As a successful and experienced entrepreneur and investor, he has great skill and expertise in various business strategies. He helped in the £300,000 fundraising campaign through Channel 4 reality show for parents whose child was facing rare disease neuroblastoma cancer. He donated £65000 to 3 Derby people who were facing emotional stress.

#2. Dawn Gibbins

Dawn Gibbins is a British Entrepreneur who started her business endeavor at an early age in industrial flooring in the year 1982. Her company name was Flowcrete which she sold to RPM International Inc in April 2008. With her amazing business tactics and intelligent decision she made a huge impact on the field of industrial flooring within a couple of years and after that there was no looking back for her. When she launched her flooring business she only aimed at barefoot living, homes in England. She donated £125,000 to Wild Goose Cafe in 2010 on this show in order to help the numerous poor, homeless to get a shelter and people with addiction problems which made her secret millionaire. She also donated £250000 in 2010 to charity organization in Bristol and honored by Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II as ‘Pioneer to the Life of our Nation’.

Dawn Gibbins

#3. Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson is not an ordinary billionaire of 30 years age. He started his career under Chef Gordon Ramsey and earned near about £16,000 every year. Now he has his own multi million pound company which is popularly known as the He is founder and chairman of Markco Media. His main idea is to provide the shoppers with various discount codes which bring lots of attention to his site. He donated around £112,000 to the people facing real life issues like knife crime and domestic violence. In London, he organized an event Hackathons which invites ethical hackers and developers to show their innovations which can attract investors.

Mark Pearson

#4. Marc Paskin

Marc Paskin, also known as Uncle Kokua for his reality show in Hawaii. He is the president of the Paskin properties, a stretch to the Paskin group. It is a privately owned real estate management and investment company. He was born and brought up in a poor family, but as he grew up, his impressive skills in various prospects of making business deals were getting noticed by everyone. During his college years he first started his hand on real estate business and within a few years he was making a significant amount of profit. And a couple of years later he turned his small business exertion into a giant business empire. He was featured in the reality show the secret millionaire Australia, where he stayed for seven days, and after the end of the show he donated about $125,000 to the people who gave him shelter during the span of those seven days. In 2002, after the sad demise of his wife as she was diabetic, he put up a billboard which says that he is looking for a Latina girlfriend as a Christmas gift which received a huge response. His girlfriend name is Lupita. He believes that you can’t take money with you when you die.

Marc Paskin
“All I Want for Christmas is a Latina Girlfriend”

#5. Emma Harrison

Spouse: Jim Harrison

Children: 4

Residence: Thornbridge Hall, Derbyshire And London

Trustee: Eden Project

Emma Harrison is a famous entrepreneur born and brought up in London. She is the original founder of the famous company known as A4e which stands for “Action 4 Employment” but then due to some media issues she left the company on 24th February 2012. In the year 2011 she was featured in the reality show called the secret millionaire where she stayed in the deprived region for a week and donated about $100,000 to the helpless people. As an undercover, she worked in a men’s club scrubbing floor in Dagenham, East London, where she finds that people blame their circumstances for their problems but no one try to overcome it. She left the bar within 2 and a half hours after becoming physically sick hearing racist remarks.

Emma Harrison

#6. Chris Brown

The childhood of Chris Brown was quite harsh and he was defined by poverty and his father was an alcoholic who committed suicide when Chris was quite young. This 31 year old millionaire is the owner of a travel website. And he finally agreed to join the secret millionaire program. It really becomes the hardest part of his life to look into the lives of the people for near about three weeks. At the end of the show he gave near about £50,000 to the poor and he admitted that this tour totally changed his life. He is one of the secret millionaires UK.

#7. James Malinchak

James Malinchak, being a motivational speaker, he has delivered near about 2,200 presentations at meetings and conferences. At the age of 20, he started a small company in partnership with one of his close friends, which are specialized in handling various investments of several entertainers, athletes and writers. He currently own three businesses and have authored around eight books and researched near about 1500 books on professional development. During his stay in the secret millionaire show, he donated $55,000 to the vulnerable Folks and The Baylor Youth Foundation after he met coach Tony. He has worked for famous Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series as associate editor and contributing author.

#8. Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson is the most promising millionaires of the secret millionaires’ season. At 21, she becomes homeless, but she became a millionaire at the age of 23 after selling various weight loss products from her car trunk. She becomes a motivational speaker too. At the end of the week she donated almost $20,000 to two old lady twins Helen, who run Love Kitchen which prepares 2000 meals per week for Knoxville’s needy.

#9. John Ferber

John Ferber is one of the richest persons in the UK, self made millionaire and cofounder of the site which was being acquired by the AOL/Time Warner in the year 2004. In the year 2007 he turned his attention towards philanthropy and also found a new way of utilizing the internet to help the others in need. For six days he stayed among the 15000 homeless people in the Skid Row area and donated around $20,000 to the people. His emotions run high and tear rolled down from his eyes. He also started, an online charity site to help more and more people.

John Ferber

#10. Aria Taheri

Aria Taheri was a son of a famous doctor in the United Kingdom. At an early age, he and his family moved to London and as he grew up. He started taking up a few part time jobs in grocery stores. After learning English and studying for A-level and O-level, he soon admitted into the Bath University. Aria started buying second hand mobiles and fax machines and after repairing them, he sells it with a profit. He soon started converting it into a full time job and built computing business. He stayed in this secret millionaires club reality TV show for a week working with the poor, he donated £10,000 in order to help for homeless people in Sparkbrook, south Birmingham.