Top 10 Richest Sportsmen By Net Worth 2013

This article present list of the top 10 richest sportsmen by their net worth in 2013. In today’s modern world, sports and games have become a multi-dimensional posture. Sports have now become a great source to earn both money and fame. These sports have produced a lot of athletes who are well-known all over the world. Now days where commercialism is being induced in every phase of life, sports make sure a variety of opportunities to make millions of dollars. It is bystander that sportsman who performs consistently, presenting the skill have not only becomes famous all around the globe, but had also become millionaires.

#1) Tiger Wood

Tiger Woods the hottest golfer from Unites States of America. According to Forbes Tiger earns in total $78 million which has landed him in the place of number one position in any list of the richest athletes. It has been known from the sources that #65 million out of his total $78 million comes from his endorsements. He mainly endorses the brands like Nike, Rolex etc. He collects more than $10 million in appearance fees from stops in China, Abu Dhabi, Turkey and Malaysia. The life of this number one golfer in the world is had faced a number of ups and downs. In 2010 Tiger’s took divorce from his model wife Elin Nordegren.

Tiger Wood Richest Sportsman

#2) Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the finest tennis player that Tennis history has ever witnessed. This 31 year old player from Switzerland is the second sportsman with his enormous $71 million earning. The major portion of his wealth comes from his endorsement like Nike, Rolex and Wilson. He collects about $40 million annually from his current sponsors. He has a 5-year deal with Chandon in 2012 and recently with the brand Moet.

Roger Federer Tennis Star

#3) Kobe Bryant

This American basketball player who plays for Los Angeles Lakers is the third richest athlete with the net worth of $62 million. This amazing basketball player was born on August 23rd, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He receives the highest salary in the NBA for the third consecutive year during the 2012-13 seasons. His major source of income is by endorsing the brands like Turkish Airlines, Panini, Coca-Cola, Nike, Hublot and Mercedes-Benz. He makes out $34 million alone by endorsing these brands whereas on the other hand he earns $28 million from the games he plays.

#4) LeBron James

This American basketball player nicknamed “King James” was born on 30 December, 1984. This dashing, popular player is the second highest basketball player. His net worth is $ 60 million of which the major income is made from endorsing of the brands like McDonalds, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Nokia. He makes out about $42 million from his these endorsements whereas earns $18 million from Basketball. He is now married and has 2 children.

#5) Drew Brees

Drew Christopher Brees stands in the fifth place in the list of these Sportsmen. This highest paid American footballer before Aaron Rodgers is a graduated from PurdueUniversity in Arts and Science. At present he lives in New Orleans with his wife and 3 kids. The net worth is this football player is $51 million. His sporting incomes make up $40 million while he earns $10 million from endorsements. He is endorsing Procter and Gamble, Wrangler and Nike. He even has signed a contract of 5 years with the New Orleans Saints in July 2012, which gave him a $37 million bonus.

#6) Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

A popular name among the American Football player is Aaron Rodgers. He is perhaps the NFL’s best player over the past two seasons. This college dropout with his total income of $49 million. His income from the sports is$43 million whereas from his endorsements he earns $6m. In April 2013 he signed a five-year, $110 million deal that made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. The 29 year football star currently lives in the United States.

#7) Phil Michelson

Phil Michelson, an American golfer with net worth $49 million where he’s earning from endorsement is $44 million. Some of his endorsement partners are Rolex, Barclays, Exxon Mobile, and KPMG. Mickelson is married and the father of 3 children. He graduated in Arts/ Science from the Arizona State University.

#8) David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham the most famous footballers of Britain. This great player born on 2nd May, 1975, he has played for Preston North End, Milan, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team have a net worth of $47 million. He has banked $42 million from endorsements including Samsung, Sainsbury’s, Coty, H&M, Adidas and Breitling. Beckham has donated his $5.3 million salary at PSG to a children’s charity. He even has signed a multi-year deal to become an ambassador for the Chinese Super League. Beckham announced his retirement from soccer after winning his tenth league title.

#9) Cristiano Ronaldo

Among the most popular football player of today’s generation is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese football star had previously played for Manchester United and then to Real Madrid. Ronaldo earns a huge $44 million. He earns $23 million from his sports while $21 million from endorsements.

#10) Lionel Messy

Lionel Messy is the third highest paid footballer in the world with his yearly earnings of $41 million. For Spanish club Barcelona, he has proven to be a real live-wire. Messy was ranked as the 10th richest athlete in the world with his net worth of 41 million of which 50% of his total incomes from the endorsements itself. He will also be getting $20 million annually till 2018 by a contract with his current club.

These great sportsmen have earned huge money and great popularity in recent times due to their heroic and brilliant performance in their respective games.